The missing chapters from ' Super Focus'

Bijgewerkt op: 25 mei 2021

Recently, I've been spending a lot of time publishing my latest book ' Super Focus' I started it in 2018 and finished it in mid-2020. I certainly didn't work on it every day, sometimes it was sidetracked for months only to pick it up again and add new chapters. I really wanted to describe the process of how I came into contact with 3D and how I eventually became fascinated to create the landscapes that so amaze me.

Before I started writing I had roughly written down what I wanted to tell, sometimes some light-hearted subjects, but also some heavier ones had to have a place in the whole. To get to the heart of the matter it is important to tell the whole story and not just the beautiful parts. It surprised me how sharply I could recall certain things, for example, at the beginning of the book there is a description of how I came into contact with my first wonderment of the past. This was when, at the age of 8, I was in an old empty house in the attic with a friend looking out on a beautiful old facade.

I had long forgotten about this, however, I was writing about my early years at school and it suddenly came to mind by association. Afterward, I could recall the moment very well because it had made such an impression. However, I also left a lot out of the book, to avoid repetition. For example, when I was 13 I had to make a paper and I had to record the street scene. I was sent out with a video camera. Back at school, the teacher told me that I had a strange preference for not filming the people but continuously filming all the top facades. These are fun moments that give you insight that apparently you already have a certain fascination for something, but that it only manifests itself at a much later age.

It wasn't just the repetitions that I deleted or gelled away, two entire chapters were also taken out because I and the final editors felt that it would be a stand-alone story and deviate too much from the main topic. This topic was about dreams and specifically the lucid dreams I have monthly. I could write an entire book about this because over the years I have described everything in a book and many special moments in it have had an effect on my work. In the book ' Super Focus' it would probably give too much noise and not benefit the main topic. That does not take away from the fact that lucid dreams were not important to mention.

I would like to write a book about this and give everyone who finds this subject interesting the possibility to read about it. It is in my opinion a very beautiful thing that is not written enough about. Dreaming is an important part of the creative process, and how nice it is to have a 3D designer go into detail about it.

Although the book 'Super Focus' is not technical, I am sure that it will be a very pleasant read if you are a designer and interested in the power of the brain, discovery, and pioneering. To keep it readable, the book has been edited to make it cohesive and a pleasure to read. In addition, the book is full of illustrations from my work and atmospheric images of certain events. In short, definitely, a book that you should not miss.