User story: Dany Arfan

How much experience with 3D environments did you have before taking the course?

I was completely new to 3D in general, i have bought the course first of September 2019,back then i was learning Blender 2.8(which is the first 3D software i even install on my PC) i was still learning the basics both in 3D(moving ,rotating ,scaling and adding materials to models) and the basics of navigating Blender 2.8.Unfortunately the course back then was still for Blender 2.79 so i left the course behind and continued learning the ins /outs of the software. When i received the notification about the major update of the course for Blender 2.8 i took a quick look onto what to expect from it and i was blown away with the final result of the content that Rob added so i immediately started the course!

Did you expect, before taking the course that you would be able to create an engaging environment?

To be honest i was in a bit of doubt that a fairly new guy to 3D like me would be able to create the same final result but i was so excited at the same time to learn how such amazing Environments are created coming from a gamer with a passion for game environments/maps

A lot of motivation is needed to take all classes, what motivated you?

When i decided to start a new journey of becoming a 3D artist, every day i sat in front of my screen and watched tutorials or anything related to 3D art, i had the feeling of a little kid waking up on a christmas morning.Now you understand how motivated i was before i even started Rob's course on Udemy!

The course prepares students for the sometimes difficult moments, have you had this experience too? If so, what motivated you to move forward.

Sure, during the learning stage of the course sometimes i felt like i hit a small wall because my results are not as good or something i did wrong (from the technical side in Blender) even some inputs that i copied exactly from the course didn't get me to the result i wanted but it wasn't a big deal...Few errors led me to go and search for my problem on youtube which is full of answers to your questions in Blender and other simple tasks weren't even a major problem and i could troubleshoot my own mistakes.But at any stage in the course,every time i had some sort of technical difficulties i was stuborn to get through it and understand everything or else i felt like im cheating just to get to the next section of the course.

How does it feel to have the experience to create complex 3D environments?

It felt great in a way i have never felt before as in accomplishing something i didnt know before but its something that i really am enjoying and curious about,maybe a rewarding pleasure is the right way to describe it ! Every moment i was spending in the course i was so happy,curious and fully into what im about to learn next, some days i would spend 10 hours straight in Blender doodling around the things i have learned and experimenting with my own ideas.

What are your 3D plans for the future?

My plans remain the same, becoming an Environment Artist and work in the games industry.We all grew up playing some amazing games and i have been enjoying that ever since i was a little kid...So my plan is to turn a passion i have into a real career one day.As for the moment i'm trying to learn the process of creating environments for games, so learning UE4 is my main focus now to create real time environments,after that i should be focusing on learning the industry standard texturing package (substance painter/designer) and while im at it continue to grow my skills in my Favourite software which is Blender.